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Mischief in Class

“The different continents are…” Mr Tan droned on drearily. Last Monday, my classmates and I were in our classroom having a Geography lesson. As the tired teacher continued to mumble about continents, I yawned widely as it was the last period of the day.

As I was feeling extremely bored, I decided to see if I could hit the globe on the table with a piece of paper in my tattered haversack. My eyes twinkled with mischief as I scrunched up the sheet that I had just taken out. I took the makeshift ball and pulled it back behind my body. My arm was like a catapult as I launched it high into the air.

Thud! The paper ball hit the globe. It teetered precariously at the edge of the table and toppled over. With a deafening crash, the expensive globe fell onto the floor and shattered into pieces! My jaw dropped and my eyes widened as big as dinner plates. My hands flew to my mouth and my face turned as pale as a sheet.

Catching me in the act, Mr Tan’s menacing gaze pierced through me. “To the Principal's office now!” the furious teacher ordered like an army commander. Once there, I plopped down on the seat, regretting my act of mischief. I vowed to never disrupt the class again and always pay attention.


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