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My Dirty Room

My Dirty Room, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

“Hello, my name is Little Bunny!” Mary squeaked, waving her toy bunny and pretending it was talking to the other bunny in her other hand. Last Friday, she was lying on her bed playing with her toy bunnies. Her room was as dirty as a pigsty and her toys were strewn everywhere. Suddenly, Mary’s mother entered the room. She told Mary that she was going to be late for her Math class as she pointed to the clock, which showed that it was already 6.15pm. Mary felt shocked and sat up immediately. Her mother told her to get ready quickly and left the room.

Mary rushed to head out but she accidentally tripped over her toy truck that was lying on the floor and fell. She screeched, “Oww!” She was very shocked and her knee was in pain. There was a cut on her knee.

Mary’s mother heard her cries and came rushing into the room. Mary’s mother was aghast when she saw Mary’s injury. Then, her mother put a plaster on her knee. Mary vowed to keep her room tidy in future.


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