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Poetry Done Write 2018

TWC Students' Poetry, Poetry Done Write, Student Poems

- Best in Lower Primary -


Reesha Resham Ganglani, P2

My dear amazing iPad, The sight of you makes me glad. In a beautiful case you are clad, But your empty battery makes me sad.

Watching videos on YouTube, Or home-based learning for school,

There’s so much we do together,

Especially the new game which is so cool.

I wish to meet you every day,

But homework must be done,

So I look forward to the holiday,

To spend time together as one.

- Best in Upper Primary -


Raeanne Lim, P4

Technology is amazing, It’s advancing the world. But it is ruling over us, And causes our lives to swirl.

A smartphone can guide you, With information and more. But in hard times it’s a friend, That will give you a shoulder for sure.

The technology will advance

And gadgets will change. But it’s your family and friends

That always remain.

We are drowning in our gadgets And lost all within. The Real World is the people around,

Not the gadgets therein.

Technology is an addition today

Of this tech receiver. In simple it’s termed As Technology Fever.

- Honourable Mentions -


Keagan Tan Guan Yan, P4

Thank goodness there is technology. Everyone needs the computer and phones.

Critical Ops is the game I love. How have we lived without technology? No one knows the answer. Our technology is so expensive but yet so good,

Laying endless possibilities. Our lives are filled with technology. Googling is the way to go. Yippee for technology, that helps us daily.


Matthew Gim Kai Sheng, P3

The clock strikes six, my playtime is here, I get to see my iPad dear. The work is forgotten. My fingers trail the sleek and smooth surface,

Oh so much joy!

Tap, tap, tap. My boredom relieved. Games and videos, my favourite things.

I wish I can play more, Alas no! iPad my companion... What can I do without you?


Poh Yi Xuan Eunice, P2

When my parents are travelling My heart feels like something is missing.

Technology is mankind’s blessing,

WhatsApp being part of our lives, It keeps us always connected Though we are miles apart. Technology is indeed something we can’t do without.


Nurul Jannah Binte Norul Anuar, P2

A machine that rests on your lap, Close it and away we go. To see the words you have to tap, tap, tap.

Can’t live without it, This much I know.


Ho Jun Heng Jayden, P5

Technology is loved by all, who doesn’t love it? Eliminate every other thing, soon there will be only technology!

Cool stuff, it’s awesome! Handphone and tablets are examples. Not like humans, technology can live for a long time. Oh I forgot computers! Look at people, what do they use these days, technology!

Options, there are many, like it or not, technology will rule!

Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, information online: You must not miss out!


Tanay Ramachandruni, P6

Technology is the prevalence of the generation

Despite the age partition.

Technology may make the world a better place

I’ll tell you, if you can keep up pace.

At first we were amazed by a simple light

Then followed by an advanced space shuttle taking off in the night.

We look at places from across the world

without a peek into a book, filled with pictures painting words

But only with a sneak at technology, so absurd!

On the other side of the coin, it is a ruse

Whatever we do, technology makes a bruise

It runs our lives until we bereave

from the alarm on our phone to the evening TV

Just count our aboriginal’s gibe

Our patience has all gone grey

This has become the way

Reminiscing and rewinding our lives has all gone astray

Man has been gifted with a great shine

Although they never assumed it would be their demise

It seems man’s intelligence has begun to backtrack

Similar to being subdued in a flashback

Of how they did it 100 years ago

Technology is a devil in disguise

And it is only up to us to be wise

There is still a chance for us to turn our lives around

And until it is too late, let us make a rebound!


Lovelle Nah Xin Yu, P5

Give me back my calendar,

Give me back my mirror,

Give me back my DVD,

Give me back my book.

Give me back my parents,

Give me back my cousins,

Give me back my aunts and uncles,

Give me back my friends.

Give me back my perfect eyesight,

Give me back my focus,

Give me back my health,

Give me back my life.

Give me back, give me back, I would give up my phone.


Ang Jun Ray, P6

A virtual escape,

Misused by many others;

A vicarious trap.


Anaqi Shurahbeel Bin Iskandar, P5

Playing video games is immersing myself into virtual reality;

It is the sound of explosions of grenades in the background.

Video games is the smell of gasoline and death in war,

And also the fear of my enemies.

Playing video games is the taste of dried bread for breakfast in the bunker.

It is also the taste of salty sweat dripping down my forehead,

As I curl my finger around the trigger.

Playing video games is the exhilaration of vanquishing my nemesis.


Kate Lui, P3

Technology is powerful.

Technology is helpful.

But technology can be harmful.

So I should be careful.

Technology is remarkable.

Technology makes our dreams possible.

But technology can be uncontrollable.

So I should be responsible.

Technology is cool.

Technology can help me in school.

But bad people use it as a tool.

So always be vigilant, that’s the rule.


Markus Unger-Xiao Junwei, P5

Ding! You got mail.

Time for some originality, technology is sending more people to psychology.

Sincerity becomes a thing of the past, as you get more emojis than honesty.

Everything seems to move like lightning; just simply let your fingers do the walking.

Technology is invading and there is no escaping.

No matter when or where, people bow for hours to their new device in their hand.

Children hanging on to their dear handheld device; when they can barely count to five.

Taxi uncles swear on the GPS by miles, and others have more friends on Facebook than outside the house.

As for me, they are devils in disguise.

My handheld device is like my next best thing in my life!


Jadyn Ng, P2

Like me, my friend likes to sing songs

And entertain people all day long.