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Showing Kindness

“What a crowded bus!” Andrew grumbled softly. Last afternoon, on the way home after a hospital visit, Andrew was aboard Bus 354. He had fallen down the stairs and broken his left ankle. He was bandaged like a mummy. Other people on Bus 354 were sleeping like logs. Andrew’s heart sank in disappointment because people were not giving up their seats to him. “Oh no, does it mean I have to stand for the whole bus ride?” moaned Andrew inwardly.

Without warning, the bus carelessly drove over a bump. As Andrew lost his balance, he fell forward and landed on an elderly woman. ‘Hey, get away silly boy. Can’t you see I am sleeping?” shouted the infuriated elderly woman. “I… I - am so sorry...” Andrew stuttered.

“You silly boy, get off the bus!” the old lady ranted, raising her voice threateningly as she flushed as red as a tomato. Andrew’s face turned crimson with embarrassment. Just then, a little girl barked angrily. “Stop scolding him! Can’t you see he’s using crutches?” The old woman flushed even redder, this time with embarrassment. Sheepishly, she apologised and gave up her seat to Andrew.

“Thank you,” Andrew said gratefully to both the little girl and the old lady. Andrew wished everyone would be more kind and considerate.


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