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Standing Up to a Bully

Standing Up to a Bully, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

“I love our sandcastle,” I squealed in delight. Last Monday afternoon, my friends, Jane, Mary and I were at the playground building a sandcastle in the sandpit. The sandcastle was as tall as a giraffe. I clapped my hands in glee at the sight of the magnificent sandcastle.

A few minutes later, two mean bullies arrived and stomped on the sandcastle. The two bullies chuckled like hyenas. Angrily, I clenched my fist. Jane gritted her teeth and Mary trembled like a leaf.

“Get out!” I threatened the bullies. At the same time, Jane shooed them away. Just then, Mary started sobbing loudly. After seeing Mary’s tears, the bullies’ faces turned pale.

The bullies apologised sincerely. They bowed their heads and promised to not bully others again. At the end of the day, I felt annoyed by their actions. I wish they had not stomped on our masterpiece.


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