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The Bully

“Class dismissed for recess! Don’t be late for class!” my mathematics teacher hollered. Upon hearing those words, my classmates and I got ready to bolt out of the classroom like a horde of prisoners bursting to be set free. Grabbing my homework and my precious diary, I made a beeline for the canteen.

Upon arriving at the bustling canteen, the aroma of delectable fishball noodles wafted into my nostrils. The once-empty canteen was filled to the brim within seconds. After finding a place to sit, I placed my things on a table and settled down comfortably on the wooden seats. Whipping out a blue pen, I began to do my homework.

All of a sudden, I heard a dreaded voice boom, “Nerdy Nathan, I see you brought your diary.” Hearing those words, I reflexively grabbed my diary and gripped it with all my might. Swivelling around, I shivered with fear as I helplessly watched Bob and his henchmen heading towards me. Bob was the school’s most notorious bully. Whoever got near him would be immediately beaten by his henchmen. Quivering in fright, my face turned as white as a sheet. The contents of my diary were as precious as gold! I could not let Bob have it!

As though Bob had read my train of thoughts, he made a grab for my diary and snatched it away from me. My tiny hands were nothing compared to his strong ones! I was defenceless. Knowing that the contents of my diary were about to be revealed, my heart skipped a beat. “Okay, let’s see…” Bob smirked as he waved the diary high up in the air. Like a puppy jumping up and down, I tried to reach for the diary but my effort was only in vain. “Give it back!” I bellowed as rage pulsated through my veins. Bob’s henchmen pinned me down before I could say another word. A crowd had started to form around us and Bob seized the golden opportunity. “In Nathan’s diary, he wrote that he…” Bob continued to narrate the diary entries aloud. As he read out all of my secrets, my face turned as red as a tomato. I was utterly embarrassed! The pupils laughed hysterically at all of my secrets. Bob also mocked me, declaring how silly and dumb I was. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I could not take it anymore…

Just as I was about to lose all hope, a voice behind me growled, “Stop that right now!” I felt my heart lifting, I spun around and caught sight of my school’s discipline master, Mr Tan who was storming towards us. Relief washed over me and a smile spread across my face as I knew that my saviour had arrived. Bob, on the other hand, was now cowering in fear, morphing from the ferocious lion that he was just moments ago to a timid mouse that shivered uncontrollably. At the sight of Mr Tan, the whole crowd surrounding us had dispersed. “Return Nathan his diary right now!” Mr Tan demanded. Bob’s face turned as pale as death and obliged meekly by placing the diary gently on the wooden table next to us. Bob and his henchmen hung their heads in shame as Mr Tan reprimanded them for their unacceptable behaviour.

After that whole episode, Bob and his henchmen finally got what they deserved. They served a month-long of detention and had to help clean the toilets after school every day. My diary was returned to me as well and I felt as though a huge boulder was lifted off my shoulders. I hoped that Bob and his henchmen would never bully anyone ever again. Bullying causes harm and I hope that nobody will choose to inflict emotional trauma of bullying to another person.


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