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1. Accessing Zoom Lessons

TWC@Home Zoom Manual

Step 1:

10 minutes before the start of lesson, go to
Click ‘Sign in’.

Step 2:

Next, log in to your TWC@Home account. To log in, key in the email address that your TWC@Home account was created with and the accompanying password. (Note: Please refer to our TWC@Home FAQ page for more instructions.)

Step 3:

Click on ‘My Lessons’ and then click on the tile that shows your child’s Zoom class.

Step 4:

Click on the link under ‘1. Zoom Lesson Details’.

Step 5:

The Zoom lesson will open in a new tab on the browser. A pop-up window will appear and you will be prompted to open the link in a separate application. Click ‘Cancel’ in the pop-up.

(Note: There will not be a pop-up if your web browser blocks pop-up windows.)

Step 6:

Click ‘join from your browser’.

Step 7:

Key in the password from your lesson page and write your child’s name.
(Note: Please ensure that you write your child’s full name as that will be used for verification.)


1. Accessing Zoom Lessons

Step 1:

10 minutes before the start of lesson, go to
Click ‘Sign in’.

Step 9:

Click ‘Join Audio by Computer’.

Step 8:

Your child's profile will be placed in the waiting room. Please wait for the teacher to admit them into the lesson.

Step 10:

Allow your web browser to access the microphone and camera. After this step, your child is ready to begin the lesson with his / her TWC teacher!


*NOTE: If your child is attending a make-up lesson, an email will be sent to you with separate instructions on how to access their make-up lesson.

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