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3. Submission of In-Class Work

TWC@Home / Zoom Manual

To submit your child’s in-class work, you may scan or take clear photos of their worksheets and writing assignments. We have compiled a list of free applications that can help you do this conveniently and quickly. The list of suggested applications below can be downloaded from the App Store (for iPhones) or Play Store (for Android phones):

  • Camscanner, Scanner for me, Scanner App, Genius Scan, ScanGuru

  • A step-by-step guide on how to scan your child's work using the apps can be found here.


Note: We highly recommend the submission of all in-class work to be done within 1 hour after the lesson. This is to encourage all our students to complete the in-class work while their learning is still fresh.

Alternatively, the work can be submitted within the same day that the lesson is conducted. This will ensure that your child receives their marked scripts promptly.

Many of our students are very tech-savvy, so we encourage them to learn how to submit their completed work by themselves.

Please note that a Gmail account is required for the submission of work via the link. We highly recommend that you create a free Gmail account for the submission of work to ensure a seamless submission of work to your child’s teacher.


Please refer to the guide linked here on Google’s Support page regarding the steps to create a Gmail account. If you are unable to create a Gmail account, please contact our friendly Customer Service Officers for assistance.

Step 1:

If you have taken photographs of your child’s work, please make sure the photos are clear and all pages are included.

If you have scanned your child’s work using a scanner / the Camscanner app, please make sure you have the PDF file downloaded on your laptop or other devices.

Step 2:

Go to the TWC@Home website and log in to your child’s class where the Zoom lesson details can be found. If you are unsure about the steps to take, please refer to this page. Click on the link under ‘Submission of In-Class Work’ as shown in the screenshot below.

Submission Step 2b
Step 3:

This will bring you to the Google Form where you can submit your child’s work. You will see the details of your child’s class at the top of the page.

Submission Step 3.png
Step 4:

On the Google Form, fill in the student’s details and lesson details.


Submission of In-Class Work

Step 5:

Click ‘Add File’ to attach the documents that need to be submitted

Step 6:

Click on ‘Select file from your device’.

Step 7:

Once the file is selected, click ‘Upload’. Click “Add more files” if you have multiple pages to upload.

Step 8:

Submit the form and you’re done!

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