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Being Lost

“Wow! I didn’t expect this cliffhanger!” I exclaimed. I was at the departure gates of the airport, reading an anime book to pass the time while waiting for my parents to check in. A sea of people filled the airport and loud chatter echoed throughout the vast terminal halls. People were coming in and out of countless doors, buzzing around noisily like a hive of worker bees.

The one shop that caught my eye was the anime shop, for it was filled with anime figurines. My eyes gleamed as I spotted action figures from popular anime such as ‘My Hero Academia’, ‘One Punch Man’, and ‘One Piece’. Then, I caught sight of a brand new figurine from my favourite anime, ‘One Piece’ - it was an action figure of my favourite character, Luffy! My jaw dropped to the floor and my eyes brightened like diamonds.

Without thinking twice, I dashed towards the store. Holding the action figure gingerly in my hands, I imagined the scenarios I could come up with using my other action figures at home. Squealing with excitement, I hugged the toy and jumped for joy. Unfortunately, I did not have any money on me. Without a doubt, I knew I had to share this newfound discovery with my parents!

After returning the action figurine to its respective shelf, I darted out of the store, retracing my steps back to where I had left my parents. When I reached the location where I had last seen them, I realised that they were nowhere to be found. The crowd around me grew, and the area soon became as packed as sardines. I tried to look for the terminal departure gate my parents were supposed to be waiting at, but the gates all looked the same. As I stood rooted to the ground, my excitement started to ebb. Anxiety enveloped me and my heart started pounding against my ribcage. Tears rolled down my hot cheeks like a waterfall as I berated myself. Why did I have to get distracted and leave my parents without informing them? There were thousands of people at the airport! It would be impossible to find them! Rueing my actions, I reprimanded myself silently as I cradled my head in my hands.

Suddenly, my mother’s advice echoed in my mind: “If you are ever lost, don’t panic! Stay calm, and go to the information counter for help!” Sniffing as I wiped away my tears with my sleeve, I gritted my teeth and looked for the signs which would lead me to the information counter. If I got into this mess by myself, then I would have to get myself out of it too! Following the signs, it did not take long for me to reach the information counter. My palms were clammy as I timidly asked the lovely staff to help me find my parents. The lady reassured me with a kind smile, before beginning her announcement into the speaker, “There’s a missing child at the information counter at Terminal D…”

A few minutes later, a lanky man and a petite lady, both who were extremely breathless, appeared at the information counter. My face lit up as soon as I recognised them. “Mum! Dad!” I called out, my voice hoarse from sniffling and crying. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me and jumped into my mother’s welcoming arms. Patting my head, my father praised me for staying calm and being brave. With tears streaming down her face, my mother chided me for my irresponsible behaviour. Excitedly, I filled my parents in on my little adventure, from the discovery of the action figurine, to realising I had gotten lost, to finally reuniting with them. After listening to my tale, they enveloped me in a warm embrace.

From this experience of being lost, I have learnt an important lesson: I will never again wander around on my own in a crowded place!


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