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Selecting the Right Book to Read

Selecting the right book for your child, Parenting tips

Reading is an important activity to improve one's literacy skills.

Here’s an easy rule to follow when choosing a book for your child, or when you are teaching him to pick a book that is just right for himself. Five Finger Rule

  1. Choose a book.

  2. Open it in the middle and start reading a page. 

  3. Hold up a finger for each word you are not sure of, or do not know.

  4. If there are three or more words you do not know, choose an easier book to read independently.

  5. Still think it may not be too difficult? Use the five finger rule on two more pages.

Remember - resist the urge to push your child to read a harder book. Nothing takes the joy out of reading more than a book that is more frustrating than fun! Help your child develop the habit of and love for reading. He will move on to other books when he is ready! 



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