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A Disappointment

A Disappointment, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

Smiling faces surrounded me as I strolled around my backyard, greeting friends and relatives. It was the annual family barbeque that day. My cousins were rambling on and on about their trips to Japan. Pungent smoke was billowing from the barbeque pit as my father arranged the first skewers of chicken wings in the grill. I had always treasured the family barbeque party, as it was a special time for me to bond with my family.

Suddenly, a loud rumble of thunder interrupted everyone from their conversations. Menacing rain clouds attacked the sky. Apprehensively, I wondered whether it would rain. “Hopefully it will not rain anytime soon,” I muttered to myself, my forehead creased with worry. I spotted my father looking up at the sky anxiously while dealing with the sizzling meat. My relatives scowled at the sky and whispered about the dark clouds among themselves.

Unfortunately, just as the chicken wings were almost cooked, sheets of rain poured down on adults and children alike. It felt like bullets were falling from the sky. As the rain fell more heavily, the sizzling red coals were completely drowned in the pit.

Drenched and shivering, I followed everyone back to the living room. Instantly, my relatives began complaining like monkeys about the heavy rain. My brows furrowed as I glanced out of the window, watching the lightning slice the sky. The entire barbeque was ruined! I felt a wave of disappointment expand within me. Sighing sadly, I trudged back to my room. The ruthless rainstorm kept attacking the backyard for the next few hours. Finally, the rain stopped and my relatives solemnly left.

Even when the day ended, I still could not wipe the frown from my face. Hopefully, our next family barbeque would not be so rudely interrupted by the rain!


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