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An Inconsiderate Act

Dragging my feet along the aisle on my arthritic legs, I winced as I tiptoed to reach for a book that needed to be rearranged. Just then, I spotted a group of teenagers. Raucous guffaws reverberated from the group of teenagers. My eyebrows creased in annoyance. What an inconsiderate ruckus they were causing!

Seething, I hobbled towards the group, politely reminding them to stay as quiet as possible. To my frustration, they just turned a deaf ear and blatantly ignored me. Feeling indignant, I turned around and decided to check on them again after half an hour. Time whizzed by, and soon , I noticed that it was suspiciously silent. Approaching the corner where the group had been, I saw from afar that they had left - but not before leaving a trail of havoc behind. There were crumbs, food wrappers and even empty cans left behind by those inconsiderate teenagers. Fury boiled in my veins. “Inconsiderate brats,” I swore under my breath.

As I was walking towards the disaster, I abruptly felt the ground disappear beneath my feet. My feet slid out from under me as I landed heavily on my tailbone with an ear-piercing thud. Piercing pain immediately shot up my spine. My face contorted in agony as I groaned in anguish. A wave of shocked gasps erupted from the other library goers.

The next thing I knew, a concerned voice piped up from beside me, but I could not make out what they were saying. Blearily spying around to find out what I landed on, I turned around only to find myself beside a palm-sized puddle of brown liquid laying innocuously on the floor. Upon seeing this disturbing sight, blood rushed up to my head as it boiled with rage. Suddenly, my furious train of thoughts was interrupted by the same concerned voice, now more urgently saying, “Are you okay?” Upon hearing that, I finally replied, “I think so,” as a paramedic helped me to my feet.

As I was hoisted onto a stretcher by the paramedics, I was filled with disgust at how inconsiderate some people could be. I hoped that more people would be more civil-minded.


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